All prices include the erection, dressing and dismantling of tents and are based on weekend-long hire.

Honeymoon tent fully furnished as described - £275

5 metre guest tents

Furnished as described with up to 6 people - £200

   Furnished as described with up to 4 people - £190   

Furnished as described with up to 2 people - £180

4 metre guest tents

Furnished as described with up to 4 beds - £180

Furnished as described with up to 2 beds - £170

*please note that bedding on guest tent hire is charged at £10/single bed and £15/double. This includes fitted sheets, duvet, blanket and pillows. Guests are welcome to provide their own bedding.

Tent only

5 metre tent (no furnishing) - £150

4 metre tent (no furnishing) - £130


If you don't see an arrangement covered in the prices above, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.